Selasa, 07 Juni 2011

30's reading #7 (Fly High Eagle!)

I've been hearing the phrase 'don't try to change me, bcoz I'm just myself', the question is, is that person really being themselves, or that phrase is just an excuse of not being the best of him/herself?

It is true, that there is no point to turn an eagle to be a peacock, vice versa. However, some people just don't realize how much potential do they have until they try to reach, and sometimes, I have to admit, that the push to be the best of ourselves are coming from outside, from the people who cares, who loves us the way we are, and believe in our potential. One thing is, don't ever turn them down, they're the gift from God to us.

Is it easy to find that kind of person? Hell no, I myself have to admit, there are some parents out there who dont believe on their kids' potential and unable to nurture their kids to their best. We just have to believe our heart to decide where we turn our heads on, to recognize pure love, not a sex arousal, to see the wisdom and spirit of lofty ambition of other people, it may even come from the strangest person we've ever known on earth.

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  1. Ah, I agree with you there. What a nice writing! Keep happy blogging ^^